About Us

We Are the Student Association!!
IMG_1184The Student Association at Binghamton University is a non-profit organization that functions independently to serve the needs and voice the desires of the undergraduate student body. Every undergraduate student is already a member and is invited to participate in any the groups, services, activities and events students have created and continue to operate.

You may not believe it, but many of the vital services and activities at Binghamton University are run through the Student Association. From concerts, student groups, Blue Buses and Spring Fling, you can bet that students are running it!

The Student Association is structured so it is also your student government. Similar to the United States government, there are three branches: an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch. It is an organization by students, for students so let your voice be heard!

  • The Executive Board handles the day-to-day operations of the Student Association, pursues large scale projects, provides student services, and represents the student body to Binghamton’s campus community.
  • The Judicial Board hears and makes rulings on cases relating to the constitution of the Student Association.
  • The Student Congress creates and debates legislation relating to the quality of life of Binghamton students.


The student staff consists of several rotating Student Receptionists who work as secretaries during business hours, as well as the many Assistants that work for the executive officers in an effort to help them carry out their responsibilities.
The professional staff of the Student Association consists of both an Executive Director and Administrative Director.

  • The Executive Director works with student groups, the executive board and the University Programming Board on all of their programming needs from small fundraisers to large scale concerts.
  • The Administrative Director handles all of the financial needs of the Student Association as well as coordinates it’s day to day operations.

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