governmentThe Student Association government represents and serves the undergraduate body on a campus-wide scale. Representatives and Executives are elected by the Students to represent their needs and interests. To best serve the students, the government is divided into three distinct branches:

Legislative Branch
The Legislative Branch is known as the Student Congress. The Congress is comprised of five representatives from each residential community and fifteen representatives who live off campus. The Assembly meets on alternate Mondays at 7:30pm and is the primary group of students that addresses and debates issues on campus, through a system of resolutions, very similar to most legislative bodies throughout the world.

Judicial Branch
The Judicial Branch, which we call the Judicial Board, is comprised of nine students appointed by the President and then approved by the Student Congress. Much like the United States Supreme Court – people can appeal to the board if they feel that a group or a person has violated the constitution of the Student Association and the action or decision should be overturned.

Executive Branch
The Executive Board is made up of six students elected to carry out the responsibilities of the Student Association. Included in the Executive Branch are the President, Executive Vice President, Financial Vice President, Academic Vice President, Vice President for University Programming, Vice President for Multicultural Affairs, and all professional and student staff that assist students on a daily basis.

The President acts as the chief ambassador between the students and the administration, while serving as the official representative of the student body. Additionally, the President coordinates the efforts of the Executive Branch, as well as guides the Student Association as a whole.

The Executive Vice President oversees the activities of each of all of the S.A. chartered student groups – almost every club on campus as well as all of the community governments. These groups provide programming and an extra-curricular outlet for students day in and day out.

The Vice President for Finance oversees all income and expenditures made by the Student Association and all of its student groups. Everyday, the Vice President for Finance is faced with decisions concerning liability, legality, and financial sustainability.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for representing the student body on all academic issues and concerns. The VPAA is the chair of the student delegation to Harpur College Council, the Vice-Chair of the council as a whole, as well as the only student representative on the Faculty Senate. Through these bodiesthe VPAA has direct influence over academic policy. The VPAA also runs the Student Advocate Program and generates Academic programming for students each semester.

The Vice President for Programming oversees all activities and programming sponsored by the Student Association. As chair of the Student Association Programming Board, the Vice President for Programming serves as the point person for the organizing all of the campus’s concerts, festivals, small-scale music performances, comedy shows and even cultural and educational lectures.

The Vice President for Multicultural Affairs works with the cultural groups on campus and the Inter-cultural Awareness Committee to promote a better understanding between the many cultures on campus through organize programs, events and media.

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