Vice President for Multicultural Affairs

The role of the Vice President for Multicultural Affairs is to develop an inclusive campus community. This is done by initiating programs that can bring different students together and foster a spirit of cross-cultural communication and collaboration.



N. Isis McIntosh Green
Vice President for Multicultural Affairs
(607) 777-7777

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Study Abroad Resources
Find a Cultural Group
Cultural Group Meeting Directory

Learn a Language: 

Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC) – Apply your existing language skills to a non-language class.

Japanese Language Table
The language table is for students who want to learn Japanese, get advice on how to improve their Japanese, work on homework, or just want to hang out and talk about Japan as a country or any aspect of Japanese culture.

Have an event to add, a suggestion,  or just want to get in touch with the VPMA Office? Email us at 

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