Vice President for Academic Affairs

As the Vice President for Academic Affairs, I act as an intermediary between the undergraduate student body and the University on academic issues, and head up the Student Office of Academic Programs (SOAP).

My staff and I advocate on students’ behalf on matters of academic policy, conduct, and academic initiatives. In addition, we educate the student body about the resources available to them, the university’s academic policies, and their rights as customers of the University. If you ever have comments, questions, or complaints about academics or University policy, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

The Student Office of Academic Programs (SOAP) has a few important resources available to students:

  • Program for Undergraduate Guidance (PUG) – A large scale mentorship program for students of any academic program.
  • Student Advocates
    • Academic Advocates – Bright, hardworking individuals who work with students to resolve academic complaints and issues. Academic Advocates have experience with academic policy, and can advocate for students, anonymously or not, to the relevant University parties.
      • Program Manager: Samantha Wettje
    • Conduct Advocates – Every student who has been written up or brought to the Board of Student Conduct should spend time talking to a Conduct Advocate. Conduct Advocates can help you understand your rights, guide you through the appeals process, and even attend your hearing to advise you.
      • Program Manager: Simeon Beal
    • Contact:
  • New York Times Program – 300 Copies of the New York Times are delivered to campus every day, Monday through Friday. In addition, campus has access to digital passes for the New York Times Online. To register for a digital pass account, or to find more information, please visit The New York Times Academic Pass Page.

Stay tuned for more information on these programs!


Don Greenberg
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Student Association

Class of 2015
Major: Computer Science, Finance, and Math
T: 607-777-4297


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