Candidate Platforms

SWEEPS will be taking on March 13th, at 8:15pm in LH 10

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ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, March 20th, and ballots will be open from 9am to 9pm. Ballots will be emailed out


Rachel Anszelowicz

As President I will represent every Binghamton undergraduate student. I will make the SA more approachable and responsive to the student body, by creating programs educating students about the SA, creating more open forums for feedback and by equipping the SA website with descriptions of resources and their availability.


I will improve Late Nite bus service, getting more buses running on weekend nights to get students home safely without the wait. I also will encourage students to utilize OCCT’s feedback forms and I will use that information to make the busses the best they can be. I plan to work with Parking Services to explore implementing better incentivised, friendly parking initiatives to make parking on campus easier for everyone.


I will make Decker Health Services and the Counseling Center more accessible by encouraging the implementation of intermittent weekend and late night hours so that students can be seen by professionals, in accordance with their schedules. I also intend to provide free feminine hygiene products in every bathroom on campus. For me, being your representative means learning what changes you ​want to see. Please reach out to me with any concerns or ideas you have for the future of the SA.

Jerry Toussaint


Improving Transparency

  • President’s Quarterly Newsletter: Utilizing the SA Press Secretary to create a monthly newsletter providing information on different funding resources, job/internship opportunities, and other resource groups.
  • BU Onward: A platform for change where students can anonymously submit complaints, ideas, or issues to any of the SA executive board offices. Submissions will be examined by those respectives offices and used to ensure students voices are heard.
  • Leadership Development: Collaborating with the MRC and the EVP’s office  to provide cultural competency training workshops to student groups during Fall and Spring club leaders training sessions.


  • Students with Disabilities
    • Advocate for disabled student break bousing in the lower campus communities.
    • Advocate to expand wheelchair accessibility to more buildings on campus.
  • High Hopes Helpline
    • Work towards rebranding the High Hopes Helpline to meet students needs or issues regarding their mental health.


Off Campus Safety

  • Off Campus Training Program (OCTP)
    • Online webinar in collaboration with Off Campus College Council will provide information such as lease signing, university resources, where to find legal aid, etc.   
  • Increased Reporting of Off-Campus Incidents
    • Working alongside University administrators to implement off campus student statistics on university’s website. Also increasing reporting of incidents to the student body.







Michael Wuest

As President, I will:

  • Create an effective Public Relations staff for the SA who will provide regular reports on the organization to the student body.
  • International inclusion and placement of people of color on university committees, through presidential appointments, to directly advocate to the administration is necessary to ensure representation of all members of Binghamton.
  • Reassessing the allocation of student health fee resources, and advocating for accessible counseling and mental health services, via state and local resources, will develop our accommodations.
  • Parking and transportation reform for affordable parking passes, an incentivized carpool initiative, a sustainable on-campus vehicle reallocation plan, and foresight for the Johnson City campus for OCCT navigation are all focuses in my proposal.
  • Establishing widespread community partnerships with the greater Binghamton area accesses alternative sources of revenue for student events, and promotes civic change by exposing local citizens to vibrant cultural experiences which are scarce in Broome County.
  • Efforts made to have a safe and free supply of feminine hygiene products throughout campus will continue.
  • Working to protect our Nature Preserve through organizing student fundraising for natural protection is an under discussed issue among campus leadership, and should be addressed.

Let us work for tomorrow, together. Thank you.

Executive Vice President

Michelle Dao

Objective: To be elected SA Executive Vice President, to represent and address our student groups’ core values, and improve the relationship between the Student Association and student leadership. Additionally, to develop and improve Student Association resources to support, ensure, and assist success amongst our student groups. I have been active in my role as a current Senior Business Consultant/Assistant to the Executive Vice President and I intend to continue to increase the efficiency of the Executive Vice President’s Office.


Platform points:

  • Communication: Restructure the MAP Department; Re-brand SA-Line to increase readership; Create a monthly comprehensive newsletter updating students on Executive Board actions and also showcase and publicize student groups’ successes
  • Collaboration: Public, categorized, active -club roster; Create a liaison and connect student groups to each other, departments on campus, Greek-life, and businesses in the local area; Increase collaboration for campus-wide philanthropy events
  • Professionalism: Formalize SA certifications/internships; Create a resume bank; Create an Alumni Network of student leaders
  • Diversity: Actively recruit leadership and members of our student groups on campus; Student Association Assistant Mentorship Program
  • Small Space Allocation: Work with Dean of Students to allocate lockers to student groups for small storage

Vice President for Finance

Kevin Darrell

After serving as the Head Assistant to the VPF and Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee, I hope to improve the VPF Office as the Vice President for Finance by increasing:

  1. Efficiency: To further reduce the wait time for vouchers, reference materials such as “how-to guides” will be created which will give an overview, step by step instructions, and the most common mistakes made when filling out specific forms, such as a reimbursement voucher or prior approval form. This will decrease the number of mistakes made as well as help new presidents and treasurers adjust to their roles.
  2. Accessibility: To continually help and train student groups throughout the year, I will develop an assistant whose job is to create monthly newsletters and workshops for our student groups, covering topics from “where to get outside funding” to “how to create a budget.”
  3. Storage: Working with the EVP, a solution to our limited storage problem will be developed to provide smaller groups who may not be allocated a room with a secure space to store equipment.
  4. Accountability: I will conduct periodic surveys and begin tracking the percentage of vouchers rejected to ensure this platform is benefiting our groups.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Doug Wehbe

Many Harpur students wish to incorporate computer programming and other technical skills into their repertoires but lack access to relevant courses restricted to Watson and School of Management students. I will partner with student organizations and existing university offices to create opportunities for education and certification in these high-demand, transferrable skills.

As VPAA, I will frequently interface with administrators. I will use these opportunities to present policy proposals such as raising the limit on internship credits and supplementing SOOT surveys with mid-semester feedback.

Students facing the conduct process may not know if they need an SA Advocate or how to contact one. Significant improvements to the SA Advocates webpage will offer direct communication with the advocates, information about the conduct process, and a simplified Student Code of Conduct.

The office will continue its “SA Spotlights” guest lecture series, where professors offer one night of insight into their academic interest areas. Additionally, I will sponsor monthly undergraduate showcases to highlight the outstanding academic endeavors that Binghamton University students undertake.

Finally, I will use my experience as a chartering advisor to help launch and promote student groups focused on academics and advocacy, such as a Binghamton Advantage Student Association.

Vice President for Multicultural Affairs

Andy Jean-Baptiste

Staying optimistic despite today’s current political climate and a higher frequency of natural disasters is important, and why I chose U.P.S.I.D.E. as the name of my platform. Even when life is tough, it is important to look at the upside.



  • Rework ICA incentives to promote more collaborations between multicultural groups.
  • Encourage collaboration between multicultural and non-cultural groups.


  • Create a Programming Committee dedicated to putting on large events such as the Multicultural Extravaganza, International Fest, and the brand new Multicultural Award Show.
  • Promote L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.P. awareness.
  • Promote Disability awareness.


  • Mental Health and Physical Health advocacy, promoting on and off campus resources.
  • Developing free fitness classes.  


  • Creating more leadership/skill development workshops in the Fall semester
  • Aiding smooth executive board transitions within groups.
  • Expanding Prism


  • Continuing to sit on committees such as FSDC, SADDI, DEI, to work on diversifying Binghamton University.
  • Advocate for a permanent source of Caribbean food on campus.

Equal Opportunity

  • Each semester, use surveys to decide on an important academic issue to underrepresented students and address it

Vice President for Programming

Courtney Mitchell

My name is Courtney Mitchell, a Junior, Computer Science major & Graphic Design minor, and I am running for Vice President for Programming.

As VPP, it will be my overall task to ensure that students know that the SAPB can be used as an accessory to help any of their programming needs for clubs and organizations. One of my new initiatives is to build an advertising team who will delegate all SAPB social media. This will help SAPB’s role in communicating its events to the student body, raise awareness of SAPB’s organization, and will focus on increasing SAPB’s membership. In order to combat illegal scalping, I also plan for ticket sales to be prioritized to students first now. Additionally, I will continue record-keeping to ensure that the SAPB is organized properly and guarantee that the budget will be met efficiently.

My main priority is to increase diversity in the SAPB as I plan on working with the Vice President for Multicultural Affairs to create new events and programs for students of underrepresented groups on campus. As a minority student, I hope to see these events gauge interest and activity from these groups in the SAPB, and SA, as a whole.