*Starting in March 2018; once approved by Internal Affairs, provisional charters won't go into effect until the following semester*

So You Want to Start a New Student Group?

Binghamton University has over 250 student clubs and organizations run through the Student Association. Before starting the process of chartering a new one, please consider the following:

  • Is my club unique? (Are there existing clubs that are already extremely similar)
  • Will it add value to the campus? (Does your club provide anything that would improve student life)
  • Am I prepared to dedicate up to one semester trying to get this club chartered?

If the answer to all the above is yes, then see below.

*The SA funds, but does not handle chartering for new club sports. For more information, please follow the instructions here*


  1. Email to set up an appointment.
  2. Meet with the EVP assistant to discuss the intent to charter process, and receive your google drive folder.
  3. The EVP office requires the following documents to be uploaded to your folder:
    • Intent to Charter form (upload as pdf) – found to the right
    • Charter Packet (upload as pdf) – found to the right
    • Signature Sheet (upload as pdf) – found to the right
    • Constitution (see Management Policies 7.6)
      • Email or click here to set up an appointment for help
    • 3 Executive Board Meeting minutes (including attendance)
    • 3 General Body Meeting minutes (including attendance)
    • Signed Event Planning Checklist from the EVP event planning advisor
      • Email or click here to set up an appointment
  4. Once documents have been received and approved by the office, they will be forwarded to the Internal Affairs (IA) committee of the Student Congress.
  5. IA will set up a meeting where you will present to the committee, and defend why
    your organization deserves to be chartered.
  6. After being approved by IA, meet with the EVP office for further steps.

*The EVP Office does not accept any physical submissions. Anything that's not uploaded to the folder will not be accepted*

Contacts (main contact) (constitution and event planning)