ELECTIONS 2019-2020

2019 Election Schedule:

  • February 4 Letters of Intent Open
  • February 8 Letters of Intent Close
  • February 12* Congress Meeting
  • February 12 Candidates Meeting after Congress
  • February 22 Platforms Due (will be made available to all students)
  • February 27 Sweeps (candidates give speeches and answer questions)
  • March 11 Deadline to Remove Candidates from Ballot
  • March 12 Election (via B-Engaged)

Position Requirements:

In order to run for any position on the SA E-Board, you must have spent at least 75 semester class days (roughly one semester) as at least one of the following:

  1. A voting SA Congress member
  2. A voting SA E-Board Officer
  3. A justice on the SA Judicial Board
  4. An official E-Board member of any SA-chartered student group, including community councils
  5. Someone who performs continual services that entitle them to compensation in Student Association funds (such as an SA business employee or stipended E-Board office assistant)

In addition, certain positions have additional prerequisites:

  1. Vice President for Finance
    You must have at least 75 semester class days of experience in one of the following:
    1. A paid assistant to the Vice President for Finance
    2. A member of the SA Congress Finance Committee (FinCo)
    3. A position in which you have authority to access a Student Association financial account (a student organization’s President or Treasurer who has passed the Treasurer’s exam)
  2. For Vice President for Programming
    1. You must have at least 75 semester class days of experience as a member of the Student Association Programming Board (SAPB).

Expectations and Position Descriptions:

Each officer is expected to spend an average of at least 25 hours per week on their job while classes are in session and spend reduced hours while classes are out of session. There is also a 2.0 GPA requirement. The following is a list of the constitutional responsibilities of each E-Board position, in order of rank.

  1. President, president@binghamtonsa.org
    1. Coordinates, oversees, and chairs the Executive Board.
    2. Is the primary representative and spokesperson of the Student Association.
  2. Executive Vice President, evp@binghamtonsa.org
    1. Coordinates, facilitates, and promotes the establishment or accession of new subsidiary organizations.
    2. Coordinates, supports, and works with subsidiary organizations.
  3. Vice President for Finance, vpf@binghamtonsa.org
    1. Trains, assists, and coordinates all who deal with the Student Association’s finances.
    2. Implements the financial procedures and recommends necessary changes in the financial policies to Congress.
  4. Vice President for Academic Affairs, vpaa@binghamtonsa.org
    1. Coordinates and oversees Advocates, which counsels and represents any student requesting such representation when accused of violating Binghamton University policy.
    2. Coordinates and oversees the Student Association’s advocacy relating to academic matters.
  5. Vice President for Multicultural Affairs, vpma@binghamtonsa.org
    1. Coordinates, oversees, and chairs the Intercultural Awareness Committee.
    2. Promotes and facilitates a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and multicultural University community.
  6. Vice President for Programming, vpp@binghamtonsa.org
    1. Coordinates and assists the programming efforts of Student Association entities as appropriate.
    2. Coordinates, oversees, and chairs the Programming Board which produces and facilitates large-scale programming.

BU Council Representative

Furthermore, although it is not a position on the SA E-Board, the student representative to the Binghamton University Council will be elected using the same timeline as above.

However, since the BU Council Representative represents both graduate and undergraduate students and is not a member of the SA E-Board, there are a number of differences:

  1. You only need to submit 50 signatures instead of 250 with your letter of intent packet.
    1. The 50 signees may be any combination of undergraduate and graduate students
  2. There are no prerequisites (i.e. 75 semester class days of experience doing…)
  3. There is no GPA requirement

The following is a short description of the BU Council Representative position: BU Council Representative, bucrep@binghamton.edu

The BU Council Representative is a full voting member of the Binghamton University Council in accordance with Article 8 §356 of the NY Education Law and is accountable to both the Student Association (SA) and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).

For more details about the specific responsibilities of each position and rules about campaigning, please read the SA’s Management Policies . Further questions can be directed to the respective office holder.
If you have any questions about the elections, please contact elections@binghamtonsa.org or visit the SA Office, UUW 203 (past Visions).