EVP Office

Office of the Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President, and related staff and interns, oversees all student groups, and the SA businesses. Along with the President, and the Vice President for Finance, the EVP is part of the core team of SA leadership that is essential to keeping the administration operating. 

The EVP Office is in charge of five main duties in regards to the SA:

  • Managing B-Engaged (the student engagement database)
  • Advising club and organization leaders (Conflict management, event planning, marketing, etc.)
  • Supervising the business managers (SA Ink, Escape, BSSL, Food Co-op, Art Co-op), office receptionists, and the marketing department
  • Organizing training and development for SA staff and personnel
  • Chartering new organizations


(Training and Development) - training@binghamtonsa.org
(New Clubs/Organizations) - charter@binghamtonsa.org
(B-Engaged) - bengagedhelp@binghamtonsa.org
(Community Governments) - advisors@binghamtonsa.org
(Engagement) - engagement@binghamtonsa.org
(Marketing) - map@binghamtonsa.org
(Constitutions) - constitutions@binghamtonsa.org
(Event Planning) - advisors@binghamtonsa.org