Get Involved


Students can run for officer positions, participate in advocacy campaigns, apply to run the Executive Board, apply to run for the SA Congress, apply for Judicial Board, and/or attend public SA events.


Elections for the upcoming academic year occur at the end of the spring semester of the previous one, making it so that the councils are composed of sophomores and above.

Candidate eligibility to run for the Executive Board

  • Have a passion for leadership? Students with an interest in investing serious time and energy into improving both the SA and campus life make the best candidates for the Executive Board.
  • All six positions are elected separately.
  • All enrolled undergraduate students are eligible to vote.
  • With a campaign season beginning in February, elections are held in March for the next academic year.
  • For information on the election calendar, email

Run for the SA Congress

  • Have a passion for leadership? Students with an interest in spending a few hours a week improving campus life make the best candidates for SA Congress.
  • SA Congress representatives represent their residential community to the Student Association as a central legislative body.
  • There are {???} seats available.
  • Campaigning and elections are held in September, for positions for the remainder of that academic year.
  • If you want to run, stay tuned to your bmail, as your community government leadership will email you regarding opportunities.
  • For more information, email

Apply for Judicial Board

  • Have a passion for philosophy and justice? Students with an interest in ensuring the Student Association functions in accordance with its Constitution make the best justices on J-Board.
  • Judicial Board nominees are appointed by the President and confirmed by the SA Congress.
  • For more information, email

Learn more

  • For more information about the SA, please stop by our offices in University Union West, Room 203, call us at 607-777-7777, or send us an email at