The Judicial Branch is embodied in the Judicial Board (J-Board), nine students that are appointed by the President and approved by the Student Congress to serve two year terms. This group is led by a chair, and vice-chair, both of whom are elected during the first J-Board meeting of the academic school year.

The primary function of the Judicial Board is to review legislation passed by Congress and either uphold or reject it according to the Student Association Constitution. In addition, J-Board may also uphold or reject decisions and actions by student organizations that have been brought in for review through a formal grievance. The resulting decision takes into consideration both the SA Constitution and that respective group’s constitution.

Judicial Board Members 2016-2017

Habeeb Sheikh (Chair) Oluwatosin Ayegbusi (Vice Chair)Christa Alexander
Sarah KumarNaveed TariqHirah Ahmed
Ushna KhanAlexander MayNabil Tavarez

If you have any questions or are interested in submitting a grievance, please contact the Judicial Board for more information at jboard@binghamtonsa.org.