SA Gives

What Is It?

SA Gives is a program in partnership with the Center for Civic Engagement that rewards student groups for their volunteer work. Anytime a student group holds a community service event, they can submit an application for a reimbursement grant to help cover the costs of that event.

The Process

  1. Submit the application form on B-Engaged here (MUST BE AT LEAST 15 CLASS DAYS BEFORE THE START OF THE EVENT)
  2. The CCE reviews the application and forwards to the SA or not
  3. The SA Gives Review Committee approves or denies the application
  4. The event occurs
  5. Submit service hours to B-Engaged
  6. Fill out the post-event report on B-Engaged here (NO LATER THAN 10 DAYS AFTER THE END OF THE EVENT)

*Student groups will not receive the funds until the post-event report is submitted, and the service activities and hours have been certified*

Helpful Documents