Thank you for your interest in founding an SA chartered organization! The process takes upwards of one semester and is largely self-motivated. Just as being a club leader requires a great amount of dedication and responsibility, being a club founder will require even more. Leading up to the chartering process, we expect students to use the resources they already have to begin their club, show it is sust ainable, can enhance student life and bring students together in a creative way.

This form is the first step in the charter process, but there is no guarantee your group will be chartered just because you filled it out! We will not charter groups that are similar to existing groups, are too specific, are too broad, or are nonsensical. The SA has limited funds, staff, and infrastructure, so we are looking to charter groups that will have a strong presence in students’ lives. Although we are your partners in this process, it is designed to be challenging. While you fill this out, please feel free to stop into the office or email me at any time! Please return this form to the SA reception ists wit h your TYPED responses attached! Make sure you return both this sheet as well as your responses. If both this sheet and the responses are not turned in, your Intent to Charter will not be looked at!!

Name of Organization:

Group Primary Contact Name:

Group Primary Contact Year:

Group Primary Contact Binghamton Email:

Group Primary Contact Phone:

1. Basic description of group:

2. Goals of the group:

3. How will this group enhance student life at Binghamton?

4. Why is this group necessary on campus?

5. Why would you like this group to become SA chartered?

6. Where would you see this club in one year? In five years?

7. How much funding would you request and what would it go towards?

8. Has your group been active or had meetings yet? If so, where and when were they? How many people have attended these meetings?

9. Is your group associated with a larger parent organization? Is this organization affiliated with nationals of any kind?

10. You must check for clubs that are similar to yours. Name 5 clubs that are most similar to your club and explain why yours is different from each: