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Project SAnta

Every year the Student Association spreads holiday joy to the children of Binghamton through it’s toy drive, Project SAnta.

To learn about more about how you can be a part of Project SAnta please email, and please stop by our gift wrapping party where you can help wrap the toys for the children. It’s an awesome opportunity to do community service as well as spread holiday cheer.
Gift Wrapping Party Flyer

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Project Santa Teaser

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FAST Conference

As many of you know, the Student Association holds the Fall Annual Spring Training every year. This year it is going to be held on Saturday September 19th from 3pm to 5pm in the Mandela Room.All SA Presidents must be in attendance as it is mandatory. If you are unable to attend, only your Vice President or Treasurer may take your spot with approval. If your group fails to show up, your organization will be frozen and will suffer administratively. The reason for such a serious consequence this year is that we will be training all of you on Sexual Assault which is required by state law for all student leaders to have proper and adequate training. By having your group frozen, you will no longer have access to your account, lose room booking capabilities as well as tabling privileges and will have to make a presentation to the Internal Affairs Committee as to why you should be re-activated. 

If you have any issues please contact Zachary Vigliani at!

FAST Conference

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Annual Student Group Re-Registration

As you may be aware, the Student Association requires that each one of our chartered student organizations must re-register on B-Engaged annually. Registration will be open Monday, April 27th to Friday, May 8th (at 5pm)! The NEWLY ELECTED President of each organization must be the one to complete registration. Your organization’s newly elected President must do the following:

  • Log-In to -Engaged
  • Click on the Organization Directory
  • Find your Organization Name
  • Click the “Register this Organization” next to your SA Chartered Organization Page
  • Fill Out the Registration Forms

A few things that your President will need in order to successfully complete Registration:

  • The Names and email addresses of the NEWLY ELECTEDexecutive board
  • Any individual who completes registration must REMOVE the executive board individuals for this current year (2014-2015) in order to prevent duplicate positions, BEFORE entering in the information for the new eboard (2015-2016).
  • Also, if you organization produces a publication, you must fill out the Multi-Media Form!


  1. Student Association Businesses and Services (ex. SA Ink, BSSL, ESCAPE, OCCT, Harpur’s Ferry, Food and Art Co-Ops, etc.)
  2. Community Councils (ex. Mountainview College Council, Newing College Council, etc.)

Also, a reminder that all Elections of SA Chartered Organization Executive Boards must be completed by May 1st. If you conduct your elections any later, they will not be legitimate! 

If your organization fails to re-register by May 8th, your organization will be inactivated, your funds/account will be frozen, your R25 and email privileges will be revoked, and you will need to appeal to Internal Affairs in the Fall of 2015.

Please make sure you complete this process! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at!

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