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Student organizations wishing to sell tickets for their events “on-line” may use the BingTickets system at NO COST. While there are costs associated with use of the system, those costs are passed on to the purchaser much like that experienced when using Ticket Master or other ticket purchasing systems.

Ticket sales can start and finish whenever your group determines it to be most effective. Sales can be structured so as reflect your prices and availability of tickets to undergraduate students, faculty/staff, graduate students, and/or the general public. Funds collected from your ticket sales are directly deposited to you SA account on a monthly basis.

Your guests will be able to print out their tickets at home and your organization’s designee will be given access to the system so as to be able to monitor how sales are progressing. You will be able to print out a list of those persons who have purchased on-line tickets to check them in at the door of the event, or for larger scale events, you can use scanners to review tickets as people enter your event.

Set up is quick and easy. Someone from your organization simply needs to make an appointment with the Executive Director of the Student Association in order to input your event information. When coming to set up an event you should know:

1. The Date, Time, and Location of the event

2. Ticket information including pricing for each type of ticket you wish to sell

3. When you would like tickets to go on sale and conclude

4. How you would like to check tickets at the door (By list or scanner)

It is recommended that you set up your online ticket sales well in advance of your event so you can direct people to the address in your advertising. Remember, you can set up sales whenever you like and designate the date and time your information will go live on the system, so don’t wait.

If you have questions, or want to make an appointment to set up your event on BingTickets (M – F between 9 AM and 4 PM), contact:

David Hagerbaumer, SA Executive Director
UUW 203 – The SA Office

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